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An interview with Marc Phillipps

by Marion Wixon


I have been corresponding with Marc Phillips from Mundelsheim, Germany, who is a keen breeder of Spangles. I asked him the following questions to find out a little more about his Spangles, and the Spangles bred in Germany.

Q How popular are Spangles in Germany?
A Spangles are very popular in Germany, and are the second most popular variety on the show bench. At the AZ-Bundesschau show they normally receive around 1100 Spangles.

Q How do the Spangles in Germany compare to the UK with regard to spangled markings and "bulls-eye" spots?
We have a similar problem in Germany trying to breed well-marked Spangles. We bred a number of poorly marked Spangles and some well-marked Spangles. The spots vary from none, feint spots, hollow spots to full spots.

Q What varieties of Budgerigars do you keep?

A I keep the following colours: Normals, Cinnamons, Opaline Cinnamons,

Yellowfaces and Spangles Single Factor and Double Factors in all colours.

Q How long have you been breeding Spangles?

A I have been breeding Spangles since 1985 and I have made following observations regarding the markings. The Cocks do not have the same good markings as the hens, and between the different colours, I found that the Grey and Skyblue coloured birds have the worst markings. The dark factor Spangles have the best markings.

Q How many breeding cages and birds do you breed each year?

A The maximum number of breeding boxes I use is 68. I normally go into breeding season with 200 birds (50% of which are Spangles) and usually breed between 300 and 400 youngsters each year.

Q How many Spangles do you breed each year?

A I usually breed around 150 Spangles a year in all colours and varieties, and after 14 years with Spangles I have gained quite a lot of knowledge about them. There are not many breeders in Germany who breed this many Spangles each year than myself.

Q What colour Spangles are your favourite?

A I breed all colours and varieties, and in 1995 I bred 120 Yellowface Spangles. I wanted to see what effect the Yellowface would have on the Spangled markings. I found that the markings of the Spangles with Yellowfaces were much better than that of the markings of non Yellowfaced Spangles.

Q What other experiences do you have with breeding Spangles?

A I have experienced that the markings of the older Spangles get worse than the young Spangles. Also the spots of older Spangles are getting like the spots of normal Budgies.

Q What do you pair to your Double Factor Spangles?

A I have a number of Double Factor Spangles which are very good and clean in the body colour in the first year. When they get older, they will have a slight colour around the complete body. I breed my Double Factor Spangles with Opaline Cinnamon and Normal Cinnamon because of the melanin around the slight collar is not so easy to see.

Q Do you have a Spangle Club in Germany?

A Yes we have a Spangle Club and is now on the internet and the address is:

Spangle Review

Issue No.26 ~ Winter 2000
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