StuartForbes.jpg (15008 bytes)Going From Strength to Strength
by Stuart Forbes



First Interest in Spangles

My interest in Spangles began many years ago I was reading Cage and Aviary Birds when I noticed an article by a Fred Canham who was enquiring whether any persons would be interested in forming a club to cater for the new variety Spangles.

Not having any spangles at the time, Pieds then being my specialist variety, I decided to keep an open mind on this new variety.

Early Annual General Meetings

Some time later, in fact quite a while later, I saw an announcement for the Annual General Meeting of the newly formed Spangled Budgerigar Breeders Association. This was being held in a hotel near to Northampton about an hour’s drive from my home in Oxford. I decided to attend. On arriving at this very impressive hotel come conference centre, I looked around for some form of Budgerigar


If memory serves me correct, I spotted what I thought was a Budgie man heading to a room at the other end of the hotel. I followed and was welcomed into the SBBA AGM by some five persons. I cannot remember who they all were but I can remember Ghalib and Fred being present. I was persuaded at the time to take on the post of publicity officer, which I held for a couple of years.

The next years attendance at the AGM was down on the year before with I think 4 persons being present, records may prove me wrong as it was a long time ago but I can certainly remember the following AGM’s as being very turbulent affairs. To be fair I suppose that’s what AGM’s are for.

Successful AGM & Spangle Days

I am now pleased to say that our AGM’s incorporated with the Spangle Day are a very different affair from the ones back in the early 90’s. They are well attended from fanciers near and far who bring birds to show and listen to really good speakers on

the day. The 2000 Spangle Day, will I hope, top all those that have gone before.

Election to Office

One thing I have learnt about AGM’s is never to put your hand up when election of officers is on the Agenda as I did, or did somebody thrust my hand in the air, as I now hold the positions of Chairman, Membership Secretary and Treasurer. I am sure there is somebody out there far better qualified than me for these positions (I wish I could find them). I must admit that even at the most heated AGM’s that I have attended, when it comes to election of officers, it goes deadly quiet and lots of heads go down. Don’t worry so does mine when I am attending other AGM’s.

So this is how I became involved with the SBBA it’s my story of being nosy all those years ago to see what all the fuss was about with this new Spangle variety.

Key to Success Good Team Work

It’s hard to believe that the Association has only been in existence for just over 10 years and it one of the leading Specialist Clubs in the country. This did not happen on it’s own, and I thank all the persons who went before me especially the organisers in the very early days who got the SBBA off the ground - not to forget the very good team we have at the helm now.

I have not mentioned our breeding or the keeping of Spangles in this article, but I can assure you we do keep them, breeding nearly 100 Spangles during the 1998 season. I promise to do a further article for the Winter Spangle Review on our experiences with the breeding and showing of the truly lovely variety - The Spangle.

Spangle Review
Issue No. 25 ~ Spring 2000

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